Storytelling, Use Cases and Requirements to Improve the Tendering Process

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 Beyond Writing RFP Requirements


Storytelling, Use Cases and Requirements

Reading, or writing requirement for RFPs (Request for Proposals, or Tenders) is one of those necessary bug-bears disliked by pretty much everyone involved in putting together a vendor deal – for those on the buying side as much as those on the selling side.  That’s why when we build a tendering or auction event, we take a leaf from software engineering practices by incorporating the use of use cases and/or case scenarios. This helps vendors and suppliers identify better with the requirement, and better understand the problem, activities involved, how stakeholders are impacted. Our platform supports multiple forms of scenario building and streamlines the response and assessment process. Where appropriate, we adopt “user stories” incorporating a story telling approach to describe more clearly the paint points and your anticipated benefits, particularly from a user or “beneficiary” point of view. This will enable a respondent to form a more multi-dimensional understanding of what your requirements actually are. And you are far more likely to receive response that are accurate, and will deliver on the benefits you seek to realize, on time and within budget.


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