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Mptorem Supports
e-Auction Events

  • English Auctions
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Dutch Auctions
  • Sealed Bids
  • Buying Events



 Manage Your Auctions With Mptorem

Our platform supports all types of e-Auctions. We can assist in the end to end development, publication and management of your Auction event. Regardless of whether you have a niche buyer market, or are looking to publicize your event globally, our platform will enable you to reach the right audience.   We can target multiple sales channels on your behalf, and host single or multi-auction events.

Our Auction experts will work with you to develop the optimum auction approach, to ensure that you obtain the best outcome for the auction of your service, product or commodity. Our technology has hosted $1Ms worth of e-auction transactions across goods, services and utilities.  You can rest assured that we will work with you every step of the way.

 Templates & Documentation

By accessing Mptorem you will be provided with templates and documents to assist you with your e-auction event. Your Auction event team will work with you to identify the optimum e-auction approach.  We provide documentation to assist you in identifying your market, developing the optimum market offer, terms and conditions.

Planning Your Auction

You will be provided with an Auction project plan as part of our service. We can also assist with communication planning, marketing and publication of your event. We develop the e-auction sales strategy for your Auction in close consultation with you. And we provide advice on how to best manage your resulting bids after the e-auction event has ended.

Auction Publication

We manage any market awareness exercises and publish your Auction for you. We can connect your event with most sales channel and social-media publishing platforms.  We will issue your event communications and maintain auditable records of all publication and communication activities.

Auction Management

On your behalf we design, develop (including auction and legal terms drafting or reviewing) publish and manage your Auction for you. We will manage the day to day process of your e-auction, such as holding Auction Briefings to potential Bidders, issuing communications and responding to queries. Where required, we can develop buyer panels and pre-qualify potential bidders. This can be particularly helpful if you wish to reduce unsuitable bids from unqualified parties.  And of course we keep you informed about progress at every step.

Due Diligence

Through our trusted service providers we can provide you with a full financial and legal assessment of Auction participants at any stage.

Auction Process

Mptorem is capable of handling a number of different e-auction scenarios. In consultation with you we will develop the evaluation optimum auction approach.  Our platform enables standard e-auctions, private (sealed-bid) auctions, reverse-auctions, and where required we can also enable customised auction requirements. We manage the entire process, including the monitoring and recording of all bids. The entire process is managed online, ensuring a transparent and fair process.  A full Auction Report will be provided on completion of your e-auction event.


Our leading practice processes and technology are robust and probity-rich. At times however, the nature and type of Auction event being managed may require the support of a Probity Advisor.  Mptorem ensures the service of a Probity Advisor on call if required. And naturally our suite of templates includes the appropriate probity forms such as conflict of interest declaration and confidentiality forms.

Auction Event Close-Out

Following the close of the e-auction event, assistance is provided to you to help you in managing your bids. We are able to issue agreement and payment documentation on your behalf, and advice the unsuccessful participants of your auction.  At completion we carry out a review process, and provide you with documentation issued, and an audit trail for your records.

Interested in finding out what Mptorem can do for your Auction? Drop us your contact details. We will call you when it best suits you. If you prefer, we can send you our information pack.

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