Mptorem Was Built With You In Mind. Offering Unique Features Exclusively Available to Users of Mptorem.


Works Like Magic!

Simply register, and you are good to go. Just like Magic really. There is no need to waste time hiring a bunch of experts, or spend weeks seeking procurement approval. There is no downtime and no requirement to change any of your business processes.  Mptorem is always on standby for you. Providing you with a fully managed tendering and auction service.

Your Own A-Star Event Team

Mptorem provides you with your own event team. You will be appointed an experienced event lead, and be able to access subject matter expertise as part of your  very own event team. Be assured that your tender or auction event is managed by experts with your best interests at heart.

Industry Leading Technology and Expertise

We’ve partnered with proven, specialist providers to bring you leading edge technology and expertise.  As an Mptorem user, you will benefit immensely from this powerhouse combination. Featuring best practice technology and qualified expertise on par with blue chip in-house procurement and asset management divisions.


Login from Anywhere

You can track your tendering or auction event progress from anywhere with internet access. Login to MyHub, your own private portal.  Participate in the live event from your desktop or laptop with ease.


Hosted Securely in the Cloud

Easy to set up, no requirement to install software.


Collaborate With Ease

Involve your colleagues and others in your event with ease.


Flexible & On Demand

You can use Mptorem services whenever you wish. From a single instance to ongoing support.


Systemised Reports and Audit Trails

Receive event analysis reports, and a record of your entire event for audit purposes.


Fully Supported

Receive full support by ‘phone, email, online and in person during your Tender or Auction event.


Transparent & Fair

Our technology and processes ensure a fair and transparent process for all tendering and auction participants.


Tender & Auction Health Check

 Using our expertise and we carry out a detailed review and report. For when you run your own event.


Record of Transactions

 Each event and all event transactions are recorded ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


Do you want to know more about managed Tendering and Auctions as a Service? Drop us your contact details. We’ll be in touch shortly.

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