Mptorem means peace of mind. Reduce your corporate risk profile. Our platform is audit-friendly and improves compliance.



There are a number of financial risks associated with tendering and auction activities. The cost of a failed event is significant. As is the cost of your business benefits not being realised, or reaching agreement with unsuitable suppliers or buyers. Mptorem reduces your exposure to financial risk. Your team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that the result from your event is the result that you intend to achieve. Our services include an in-depth market review so that the optimum go to market approach is developed. We work closely with your stakeholders to ensure that a comprehensive requirement or offer is developed. Your   contract documentation and negotiation strategy will be taken care off. And of course we carry out financial due diligence. Your event will be set up and managed professionally to reduce your exposure to financial risk.


Legal risks come in many forms when you are running a tender or an auction event. Mptorem ensures that the event process is fair, transparent and auditable. This will go a long way to avoid legal action by a disgruntled participant. It is a difficult challenge to align the tendering documentation with the resulting contract unless you have the right resources with legal or contracting knowledge.  Your auction offer must be clear and unambiguous. And as acceptance often leaves no room for negotiation, a legal error can be costly. Mptorem reviews the requirement, documentation and process to make sure that any legal risk is identified and mitigated. Where events are complex, or high risk, we can provide the necessary legal and probity expertise that might be required.  The closest you will get to receiving the same benefits that Mptorem provides is by having your own in-house legal counsel advising your event! Bear in mind that your legal counsel may not be versed in probity, tendering, or auctions – a risk in itself!


Improve your compliance risk profile immediately when using Mptorem. Our platform ensures probity rich, robust processes through unique technology built on leading practice. We provide all templates and forms necessary. Our library of templates and documents is unique to Mptorem and designed to meet the compliance requirements of different regulatory and business environments.  Our team of subject-matter experts will ensure that the appropriate documentation will be used throughout your event.   Alternatively we can work with you to develop tailor-made documentation. Mptorem monitors and records all activities on your event, alerting you to any suspicious activity and preventing fraudulent transactions. You can rest assured when using Mptorem to manage your tendering and auction processes that you are meeting all compliance requirements.




Buyers and suppliers are also strategic business partners. The foundation for success is established during sourcing and contracting. Get this right, and you can develop magic – profitable business partnerships. Get it wrong, and you could be facing contractual issues for years.


Mptorem ensures that your finance, legal and compliance risk exposure is reduced. Our platform was designed to  comply with stringent compliance and security requirements. You can trust our technology. Our technology has delivered proven results in the Defence, Government and Finance sectors.


Get the best result from your event. Don’t chance the cost of a failed or non-compliant Tender or Auction. We work with you to make sure your requirements, offer and market approach are right. So that you will gain the best possible results. Simply relax, and enjoy knowing we have you covered.


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Are you working in a heavily regulated industry sector? Concerned about  Tender or Auction risk? Our team of professional experts is ready to solve your risk and compliance problems today.  Our platform is relied on by  Defence, Health, Government and Finance organisations for their Tendering and Auction transactions.


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